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The AODD Pump has a well earned reputation for being the reliable, low-maintenance alternative for industrial use.  Its high-pressure capabilities allow it to pump a variety of materials, from sheer, sensitive liquids to viscous and abrasive slurries.  Manufactured without close fitted, sliding or rotating parts AODD pumps will not wear, tear or erode due to metal friction.  While electrically or fuel driven pumps may cause power failures, omit exhaust fumes, and could prove hazardous in certain work spaces, the air operated double diaphragm pump provides pollution free operation and will not overheat.

New advantages of AODD pumps

  • Pumps anything that will pour

  • A non-stalling, non-freezing lubrication-free valve that performs reliably wet or dry

  • Self priming

  • Runs dry without damage

  • Pumps slurries

  • Pumps high viscosity fluids

  • Infinitely variable flow rate

  • Domed diaphragm for longer life

  • Bolted diaphragm chambers that prevent leaks

AODD Pumps are designed for simplicity in operation and maintenance

AODD pumps are widely used by the following:

  • Paint Manufacturing Plants

  • Food Processing Industry

  • Waste Treatment

  • Ceramic Plants

  • Refineries & Chemical Processing

  • Adhesives & Glues

  • Ships & Marine

  • Construction & Mining

  • Dry Powder Transfer